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Burdoc Farms


Lots of Changes!

Hello Everyone, We have not posted in a long time but we are back and we are going to be kicking this blogging into high gear! A lot of changes… Read More »

Our Furry Friends

Burdoc Farms has donated many weekend stays, for auction, to dog rescue groups in Kentucky, Tennessee and Ohio. Some people might ask, “Why?”. Why does it matter to donate to… Read More »

About Us

Hello to all of our followers. This is our first blog entry and we hope that it will just enhance what you can learn about us on our Facebook page,… Read More »

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Latest Blog Post

Should I Wear A Wedding Veil?

To wear or not to wear, that Is the question… I remember having this conversation with my daughter before her wedding. Her wearing a wedding veil didn’t make a difference… Read More »