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DIY Wedding Planning



The average budget of a wedding in the United States is $35,000! So the newest trend in weddings are DIY, Do It Yourself! While DIY weddings can be rewarding, making your day special and unique from other weddings you attend, here are some tips on what NOT to DYI.

Do not try to cook the food yourself for your wedding day! Of all the DIY projects you can do, this should not be one of them. Remember your time is worth something and in the long run you do not save any money doing it yourself and you end up adding to your stress level of the day’s events. Know what your food budget is so that when meeting with potential caterers, you let them know exactly what you can spend. Then let the caterer provide you with options for the budget you have provided.

One of the biggest mistakes I see at weddings is not having a DJ. A DJ will make sure the wedding is moving along according to scheduled happenings, the first dance, the mother/son and father/daughter dance, the cutting of the cake. Hooking up a computer or iPhone to a sound system and just letting it “go” is fine if you and your groom are super casual. But if you both are wanting all the traditional events at your wedding, get a DJ. They will keep you all on time and on schedule and your guest will not be confused about what is happening and when.  It’s more than worth the investment.

Remember a photographer will be capturing your event forever! Unless you have a family member that is in the business, don’t rely on Aunt Sue to take photos with her nice camera. With all the outdoor weddings that are trending now, be sure you have a professional photographer. Ask to see their outdoor photos, ask to see photos taken on sunny days as well as rainy days, and ask how the photographer deals with the weather if it isn’t cooperating that day. There are many factors to consider but do hire a professional. Also do not sign any contracts until you are satisfied with the photographer. Have them take your engagement pictures as a dry run to see if you like their style, editing and how do they handle you during the photo shoot. It can be a very stressful day, you don’t need a high strung photographer.

The secret to a DIY weddings is to have a budget, know what your limitations are on your time, and pick and choose the DIY projects you know you can handle.  Weddings can get expensive, but yours doesn’t have to be if you DIY some aspects of your wedding, but also remember, sometimes it is better to hire a professional. You will not be sorry in the end for spending the extra money on the things that count!



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