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Western Kentucky has some of the best hunting there is to offer. White-tail deer and wild turkey are in abundance on Burdoc Farms due to the wildlife management by the owners, Keith & Sara Shepherd. We offer over 500 acres on two different farms for hunting parties. We have well maintained hunting sites that have a long history of successful hunts. We bait sites prior to your hunt to allow for a successful hunting experience. There are also well established trails to each one  of the hunting sites to make is easy for your party to get in and out on four wheelers or by foot so getting that big buck out of woods will be easy. Whether you bow hunt, muzzle load, or are using a rifle or shot gun to hunt, Burdoc Farms has an abundance of wildlife for your hunting enjoyment.

In addition to hunting the property we also can offer a log cabin equipped with a full kitchen, a dishwasher, spacious rooms and bathroom with a washer and dryer, wifi and dish TV. Our log cabin can accommodate parties up to 8. We have also added a large country home that can accommodate parties of 10.  Please contact us, 270-424-8766 or 270-348-3107,  if you are interested in hunting and/or lodging in and around the area. Lodging is available off wedding and event season from November to April.

Call today for this once in a lifetime experience on one of the bigger farms in North Christian County, and Crofton, Kentucky…..




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