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Meet Our Staff


I am a people person and love to make people happy. I also love to read and can knock out a novel in a day if I am not interrupted.

I love working at Burdoc because it is such a happy place. When you walk through the door you can feel the excitement and joy roll over you.


Under all the bright crazy hair wigs I wear, I have a shaved head!

I love working at Burdoc because you can be yourself with no judgment and everyone is blunt and to the point!


I have 3 beautiful daughters and 1 granddaughter, and I have traveled to 4 of the 7 continents.

I enjoy working at Burdoc where love and joy are shared in a variety of people and special bonds are made among the guests as well as the event staff. Its great to be a small part of these events that bring people together as they create powerful experiences and lifetime memories.


I am the mother of two beautiful girls who are my world!

I love working at Burdoc because of working for such amazing people!

I love meeting new people and being part of thier special day.


I am a married mother of 6. We almost have the Brady Bunch, boys girls and 2 girls, ages 16 to 25. I work a full-time job as an Operations Manager. I have been a surrogate mother of 2 girls ages 11 and 3.

I enjoy working at Burdoc Farms for several reasons, I like the people I work with and I enjoy helping make a couple’s day special!


I have been happily married for 13 years and became a first-time mother at the age of 37!

I love working at Burdoc because it is the 1st job, I have ever had that I feel acknowledged and I love being part of someone’s special day.


I have 2 amazing kids and have a deep love for animals. I have 3 dogs and hope to rescue more someday!

I love working at Burdoc Farms because it feels like one big happy hilarious family!


Something different about me is I like to make up songs about things I do, as I am doing them. It motivates me and I feel like I am putting on a mini concert.

Working for Burdoc Farms feels less like a job because of the positive environment and the open communication Sara, Jessica and Jackie encourage.  I get to meet new people at every event that are full of energy!


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