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Burdoc Farms

Corporate Events

Burdoc Farms is the perfect spot for your next corporate and company off site meeting location.

We have 10 miles of wooded trails that would be perfect for a team building outing. If you need a space for a nice sit down meeting, our newest facility, Keith Glen is the place to be. Keith Glen is climate controlled, WiFi ready, and the perfect place for a round table session away from the office. If you are planning a company, church or family reunion picnic, we have everything you need in Keith Glen. Please call or email us for additional information about catering, set-up and the facility accommodations.



Team Building Workshops

Let Jessica and Sara “wreck” those walls that prevent your teams from achieving departmental or company goals. We can do on site training with our portable challenges that will help to encourage and motivate your teams in the areas of communication, cooperation, collaboration, critical thinking, planning, & resilience while providing opportunities of fellowship, active engagement, and strategtic as a team. It’s time to invest in your employees and help them to overcome obstacles that prevent them from achieving personal as well as company goals!

Sara & Jessica are certified Level 1 Challenge Course Practitioners as recognized by the ACCT.






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