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Wedding Vendor Etiquette

Being in the wedding business is rewarding and exhausting all at the same time. At Burdoc Farms my whole family is involved on some level in the business and all decisions are made by consensus and we all work other full-time jobs as well as run the family business, it can certainly be a challenge to say the least. So not only are we working weekdays full time, we are working after hours and weekends to make sure our wedding couples have the best experience ever at Burdoc Farms. There is so much that goes on behind the scenes that people don’t see or understand, and having the venue on your property where you live. well there is no getting away from what needs to be done or addressed as far as the business is concerned.

Here are some tips on how to help your wedding vendors when planning your wedding.

Rule number 1…. when it come to looking at wedding venues  be sure to set up an appointment. This is true of most wedding businesses, an appointment is required. Don’t just show up at the venue and hope you can get a tour. Be sure to give the owners your full attention and even if you feel like you already found your venue, owners of wedding venues take great pride in what they have created for couples for their big day. So remember, make an appointment.

Rule number 2…. show up on time! The wedding venue could be having multiple appointments, so you want to be sure to get all of your allotted time and attention and not run into another couple’s time. There is nothing worse than having a couple show up very late and then expect the same courtesy as far as our time to show them around. If you are not sure of the location of the venue, double check the directions with the owners. Sometimes they can help you with shortcuts or more direct routes because GPS is not always reliable. The same goes for any wedding vendor appointment that you have set up, show up on time!

Rule number 3 …. we understand that emergencies can happen so if you have to cancel your viewing appointment, PLEASE let the wedding venue know as soon as possible that you will be unable to make the appointment. There is nothing worse than hanging around waiting for a couple to show for a viewing and then they never show up.

Rule number 4…. DON’T GHOST YOUR WEDDING VENDORS! Especially if the venue has made several attempts to contact you thru emails, texts, calls and get no answers at all. Being ghosted is the worst and that goes for all your vendors. If you have talked to several photographers, caterers, wedding planners, DJ’s, whatever vendors you have talked to, let them know you decided to do something else or go a different direction. We can handle the news, better to know than to be ghosted!

Rule number 5…After visiting your venue or talking with wedding vendors and a decision has been made, let all your wedding vendors know that you decided to go somewhere else, or use a different vendor. Also let us know why you made the decision you did. It helps us to know if we can better accommodate future couples or to help us improve on what we already do. Most of us want to improve on our services and what we provide to wedding couples, but if you do not share that information with us we can not possibly improve what we are doing as far as our wedding business.

Often the decision was made because of the location of the venue or the venue did not work in the budget. Don’t worry about upsetting us, or making us mad, because knowing about your decision is better than being ghosted. I always so appreciate when a couple lets me know they went somewhere else and why they went somewhere else, it is very much appreciated. Most wedding vendors I know have other jobs and are working weddings on their only time off to bring you the most beautiful wedding you could possibly have. Many of us give up our only days off to work with you on your wedding plans and then add to that that every Saturday we have weddings, so we never get time off. However, most wedding vendors and wedding venue owners I know have such a passion for what they do and it is disappointing when we don’t hear back from couples that we spent time with.

So, remember, be courteous to your wedding vendors and let us know what decisions you made as far as your wedding day, it means so much to us when you share your thoughts and decisions with us!


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