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Pinterest Is Our Frenemy


I love Pinterest. Who doesn’t? I think Pinterest is the best thing invented since chocolate, well maybe I wouldn’t go that far, but pretty darn close! So when it comes to planning a wedding, Pinterest is a great resource for ideas. Ideas being the key word here! So here is some advice for brides that use Pinterest as their bible.
Don’t pin 5000 pins from Pinterest, it will all start to look the same and you will not be able to focus on any particular vision that you have. This is when Pinterest has become your enemy. There is no way that your wedding will live up to your expectations. You will end up being disappointed by it all not to mention the cost. You do have a budget, and most of the décor ideas I have seen on Pinterest are costly if not a little outrageous. It just isn’t going to happen and everyone will be disappointed in the end.
When using Pinterest, pick out a theme for your wedding look. Is it vintage, boho, modern or elegant? Use that word as your key word for wedding pictures when you search in Pinterest. Pick only 6 to 7 pictures per category. For example just 6 floral pictures, 6 cake pictures, 6 wedding dresses, you get the point. Stick with these few ideas throughout the whole process of your wedding planning. Don’t keep revisiting Pinterest, it will just confuse you more. Focus on just a few aspects of the looks you like for your wedding décor.
There are several budget friendly wedding boards on Pinterest too! I research the boards all the time and there are many idea boards on Pinterest to guide you to the kind of wedding you want to have when you have a limited budget. Be sure and check those out as well.
Pinterest is fun, it allows you to dream and envision many things. If you looked at my boards you would see I have hundreds of pins per category. However, when planning your wedding, keep it simple, keep it manageable and keep it realistic. Pinterest doesn’t have to be the Frenemy when planning your big day!


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