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Burdoc Farms

Our Furry Friends

Burdoc Farms has donated many weekend stays, for auction, to dog rescue groups in Kentucky, Tennessee and Ohio. Some people might ask, “Why?”. Why does it matter to donate to these groups in particular?

All of the dogs that call Burdoc Farms home right now are rescue dogs. These pups have truly enriched our lives and the lives of visitors to the farm. We do not know where these dogs would be or what condition they would be in if they had not come into our lives.

After watching the HBO documentary “One Nation Under Dog:Stories of Fear, Loss and Betrayal” we realized just how dire the homeless dog situation in America is. We also realized how unaware most Americans are which only helps to perpetuate the problem.

Approximately two million dogs are destroyed in shelters each year. 25% of the dogs in shelters are acutally pure bred dogs. The documentary follows a task force that was called in to shut down a puppy mill. Of which, the conditions are just unspeakable. The documentary talks about different things that contribute to over population of shelters; not spaying and neutering, irresponsible pet owners and owners who do not realize that taking in a dog should be a life time committment.

We urge our followers to watch this documentary and the spread the word “caring about these shelter animals is the only thing that will save them”. If you cannot adopt, donate. If you cannot donate, volunteer. And if you cannot volunteer, spread the word! Here is to our adopted family members; Marlee, Austin and Reece



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