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What Not To Wear

Remember that show, What Not to Wear? I always loved watching it, I saw myself in every person they were making over… I know I have made many of the same fashion faux pas myself as the women on their show. Stacey and Clinton tried to help a woman shine fashionably without losing her identity, because for so many of us women, our fashion is very much tied to our identity.

So how does this relate to wedding fashion. I am not talking about picking a wedding dress, because I have covered that subject in one of my previous blogs. I am talking about picking the bridesmaids dresses. Now there is a challenge. You are going to be faced with so many body shapes, heights, skin tones not to mention the preferences and opinions that all your bridesmaids will have. So, what are some options when picking out a bridesmaid dress. Let’s talk about them…

First, color… there are so many new and exciting colors showing up in wedding dress shops for bridesmaids, it fun to see all the choices. There are also prints, something that has been popular since the 70’s and seem to come and go each decade. Here are some ideas and thoughts to consider when you are looking at colors. How will the colors look in your photos… is it going to be so bright it takes away from the bride and groom? Is it going to be so fussy; no one looks at anything but the print? Colors and prints can make your overall theme of your wedding really shine, so always get color swatches, put it with your dress, show it to your floral designer, think about the kind of venue you will be using, show the colors to your photographer and be open to feedback. I am not saying don’t get crazy colors or prints but think about all these factors when choosing your bridesmaids dresses.

Second consideration is fit… how is the 1 dress style going to look on all these different bodies. I love it when the bride takes into consideration the different body types and chooses several different styles that is flattering to their bridesmaid’s body type and then all the bridesmaid’s dresses are coordinating colors and by the same designer. That is a great way to get cohesion with your bridesmaid’s dresses, use the same designer.

Third consideration is style… what I mean is, do you want the dress form fitting, off one shoulder, halter style, to have long sleeves, short sleeves or no sleeves. There are many options to consider but this goes back to your bridesmaids and their body type. Some feel very comfortable showing it all while others want to cover certain issues they have with their bodies. This is an opportunity to do something fun, and unique.  Give your bridesmaids your color swatch and tell them to get a dress that they feel comfortable in that matches your color scheme, this can create a very unique look to your wedding party.

Fourth consideration is length… I really have no preference with the length of a bridesmaid’s dress. Again, where you are getting married could dictate the length of your dresses, for example the beach vs an over the top wedding venue. I have seen short, mid-length, high-low, and full-length dresses at weddings. I have also seen every bridesmaid in a different dress, same color and different lengths or different dress, different lengths and different colors but the colors all go with your color scheme, and this can certainly add a cool, casual, eclectic, boho vibe to your wedding party look.

Fifth consideration is the season or the location you are getting married…. what time of year are you getting married? What is the weather like during the time of year of where you are getting married? Are you getting married in the summer months or winter months, is the venue outside or inside or a combination of the two? How much are you going to be outside vs inside, and the season of the year should all play a factor in picking the dresses for your bridesmaids.

Lastly, but certainly not least, undergarments… Nothing worse than seeing black undergarments glaring at you from a pale-yellow bridesmaid’s dress. This is one item that I would make sure everyone does purchase the same of and I would highly suggest nude colored undergarments.  You really don’t want to see someone’s strap or someone’s underwear lines. If you can see the undergarments, then the photographs will certainly capture the undergarments!

Ultimately it is your wedding. It is thoughtful to consider what the bridesmaids body types are at the very least and chose a dress accordingly. Don’t get so caught up in everything being so Matchy-Matchy…. subtle differences, like color and style, can make your wedding pictures more interesting and the fact you considered each bridesmaids body type, will make them happy. Everyone should enjoy your wedding day, not just the bride!


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